OLISOFT is a software research & development Company for Secure Image, Document Management and Digital Signage. Established 2005, and provide software for banking, financial and other organizations.

Through the expertise earned during the years and by maintaining loyalty and good relationship with its clients, Olisoft Ltd has achieved to be a major collaborator to almost any technological advancement in office automation that took place within the Banks and S.M.B.s. During the last decade, Olisoft Ltd has utilised sources and specialised to the Secure Image Document Management Systems and Electronic Cheque Capturing and Procedures.

Today, is a major player in the Electronic Cheque Clearing System (E.C.C.) – Cheque 21 in America - Live System running in the banks, abiding to the Associations of Banks Rules and Regulations.

Olisoft Products

Digital Signage and Queuing Systems

Re-sign™ Digital Signage

Re-sign™ is an industrial-strength suite of digital signage software, with all the quality and deep functionality that you'd need. Resign ™ is powerful, modular and scalable. It doesn't matter if you've got one display or thousands: Re-sign™ is designed for your application.

Re-sign™ Queueing system

Re-sign™ Queueing system helps you integrate the digital signage technology with the queue management system. It is using a touch screen system to serve the clients and digital signage screens to display the served ones.

Smart Clear

SmartClear is software designed to support the financial industry in processing bank cheques. It provides an evolutionary approach towards cheque clearing procedures by capturing, recognising, endorsing, encoding and sorting cheque information with an image. The aim of the software is to support organizations to cut operational, processing costs and eliminate human error by automatically processing the physical cheques.

SmartClear supports cheque reading and sorting, code-line recognition, endorsing, stamps, balancing, rejection correction, technical controls and much more.

Scan Reader

ScanReader is designed to assist the financial industry to capture and store document information by converting document information into an electronic format. The aim of the software is to support organizations to cut operational, processing costs and eliminate human error by replacing traditional physical paper document movement within the organizations.

OK Sign

OkSign is a signature verification software. It is designed to assist the financial industry to capture payment signatures in an automated format. OkSign offers you the ability to capture and manage signature images, which results in reduced operational and payment processing costs. Signature images are used to help simplify internal procedures and complete business transactions.

Smart PSA

Based on an existing Banking Software Application and transformed for the needs of any business sector, Smart P.S.A. is a powerful kit to fulfill the needs of businesses in terms of Cheques Payable Printing, Cheques Receivable Scanning, Document handling and endorsing for validity purposes. It gives an added value to the business status and acts as a companion to the internal handling and use of documents such as cheques, contracts, invoices, statements etc. It also tracks the cheque history, both for issued and received, and prepares the Bank Deposit Slips, Vouchers.

For more information visit our website at www.olisoft.com

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