Hantarex is a leading Italian producer of digital screens dedicated to Digital Signage and all it applications and Luxury made in Italy designed TV set, with innovative integrated multimedia centre. Thanks to diversified solutions that are available in multiple configurations including LCD monitors, Indoor and Outdoor single and double-faced multimedia Totems, Videowalls in various technologies, Hantarex is able to offer personalized and highly innovative solutions that satisfy all the needs required by Digital Signage networks.

Hantarex Products

Professional Monitors

Indoor products

Indoor products range: conceived to fulfill any Indoor Videoinformation installation requirements and for all types of enviroment such: airports, railways, trade shows, museums, hotels, shopping centres, where IP30 compliance standard is sufficient.

Outdoor products

Outdoor products range: monitors with special cabinets, such as ANTIVANDALIC, WATERPROOF, AIR-CONDITIONED, suitable for all OUTDOOR applications, where IP54/65/66 compliance conformity is requested.

Video Walls

HANTAREX has developed and engineered sophisticated technology for modular monitors for digital video walls. This technology fulfils any possible need in the market, using large format video images, messages, publicity and information as the principle tool and fundamental method of communication with the public. To satisfy all the needs, HANTAREX offers a range of products with the maximum brightness, the smallest depths, without borders caused by frame joints and without any reflection from external light sources.

Seamless Videowall with less than 2 mm gaps.

Narrow Bezel with a 15 mm frame.

Ultra Narrow Bezel with a 6 mm frame.

For more information visti Hantarex at www.hantarex.eu

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