Wavetrend leads the field in asset visibility and access control, providing award-winning active RFID technology that offers complete security and tracking solutions to organisations across the globe.

Wavetrend has been instrumental in developing active radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and in identifying its potential for applications across a wide range of industries. Using our global network of Accredited Certified Partners, in conjunction with the highest quality hardware in the marketplace, Wavetrend provides bespoke solutions to businesses of every size. Whether you require a simple access control scheme for a specific site, or a complete asset tracking system for goods and equipment in multiple locations around the world, we offer an unrivalled service to all our clients.

Wavetrend RFID Solutions

Wavetrend's smart and efficient solutions offer continuous, real-time automated tracking and data management for all tagged assets. Businesses using our hardware have complete control of their inventory, ensuring critical items and key personnel are visible at all times, anywhere around the world. We have particular strength in sectors where working conditions are hazardous or freight security is paramount, as our robust hardware leads the field in automated data reporting for high-risk environments.

Above all, Wavetrend offers seamless integration of its products into any organisation. A comprehensive redevelopment of our award-winning product portfolio was recently completed in direct response to clients and partner organisations' feedback about their tracking and security needs. Wavetrend is ready for RFID's future with technology that can be set up with the minimum of disruption and cost, and can be relied upon to provide detailed, relevant reporting for its users.


Asset Tracking & Management

Wavetrend's market-leading RFID solutions offer continuous, real-time, automated tracking of all your business assets and equipment. You can have complete control of your inventory and full knowledge of the position of all critical items.

The total visibility on location and condition of assets delivered by Wavetrend's solutions allows your business to:

  • Improve productivity by minimising downtime due to missing or lost equipment.
  • Have total visibility for your entire asset inventory at all times.
  • Save money and staff hours on tasks like stock taking.
  • Trace the movements and location of RFID-tagged assets in the event of an emergency.
  • Comply with industry regulations through a complete asset audit trail.
  • Receive instant notification of any security violations.
  • Set up a Wavetrend RFID asset tracking solution, without requiring costly alterations to your current system.


Time & Attendance

Successful companies know that productivity is key. Time and money is wasted when management is unable to monitor employees' attendance and costs of salaries and overtime can soar if workforce hours are not accurately recorded. Wavetrend can solve these problems with an automated time and attendance monitoring system, designed to fit easily into your existing infrastructure and deliver detailed information about personnel throughout any organisation.

Wavetrend's superior active RFID hardware, placed at entry points of sites and facilities, will allow company management to:

  • Increase productivity through efficient use of staff hours.
  • Ensure all staff work the hours for which they are contracted.
  • Reduce absenteeism with careful monitoring of sick leave and missing personnel.
  • Receive warnings when overtime bills reach a certain level.
  • Monitor statutory break times.
  • Reduce overall staffing costs.
  • Instantly locate all personnel and visitors in the case of an emergency.

Personnel management is an important area for cost control, particularly in organisations with a large workforce. Wavetrend's superior RFID solutions deliver total visibility of all staff and visitors and allow you to manage major expenditure like wage and overtime bills, reducing your overheads and increasing productivity.

Transport & Logistics

Goods shipped via land or sea can be closely monitored throughout their journey using Wavetrend's freight solutions. The seamless integration of our RFID hardware, which requires little or no change to the infrastructure of your existing systems, means that costs remain low, while you receive an unrivalled service. The location and status of valuable assets in transit anywhere around the world are immediately visible, vastly improving your operation's security, efficiency and profitability.

Wavetrend's global freight security solutions enable you to:

  • Rapidly create a superior supply chain system with minimal investment.
  • Track freight and other assets on multiple devices including PCs, PDAs or mobile phones.
  • Benefit from Wavetrend's weather and shock-resistant RFID units, offering fully reliable reporting even in the worst conditions.
  • Program your units to sense and make use of the lowest cost and most accessible communication technology in any location.
  • Further enhance your freight's security with our add-on sensors, providing information about temperature, light, humidity and vibration.
  • Receive instant alerts about unexpected events such a route deviation, unauthorised container opening, loss of tagged assets, attempted tampering, delays, or excessively rough handling that could damage goods in transit.
  • Use multiple modes of internationally standardised wireless communications including GPRS, SATCOM, GPS, GSM, and ZigBee wireless mesh networks.

Wavetrend's global logistics expertise offers unparalleled visibility for your worldwide freight during every leg of its journey. Our comprehensive, cost-effective RFID solutions, tailored precisely to your needs, virtually eliminate the expense and inconvenience associated with freight theft and damage, as well as providing the extra level of security needed when operating in hazardous areas.


Health & Safety

Health and safety in the workplace has become an issue of great importance over recent years, with ever-higher standards demanded of employers, particularly for industries where workers are exposed to hazardous substances or conditions. A Wavetrend active RFID solution can ensure that your personnel are safe and protected while onsite and our rugged, adaptable systems mean that you can easily comply with new health and safety directives and regulations as they arise.

A Wavetrend active RFID system, customised for your organization's particular needs, will enable you to:

  • Control entry to restricted areas, allowing access to qualified personnel only.
  • Monitor movement of hazardous goods and supplies, ensuring they are handled with respect.
  • Comply with all industry and governmental health and safety regulations.
  • Produce detailed reports for environmental and health and safety inspectors.
  • Avoid expensive compensation claims from staff and customers.
  • Set up our award-winning hardware with minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure.

Whatever the application or environment, Wavetrend will supply a system that will meet all your health and safety monitoring needs. We can help protect your investment in both assets and staff, ensuring they are safe and protected at all times, and minimize revenue loss due to workplace accidents or fines for non-compliance with industry regulations.

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